From USA TODAY -- Don't text and walk: Pedestrians step in front of trains

"It's happening with increasing frequency around the nation: Someone distracted by their cellphone, iPod or other device walks in front of a moving train, according to transportation experts." We will have to see what kind of experts these turn out to be.

Area law enforcement from ten agencies were aboard a Maine Eastern Railroad train in October to learn more about the ongoing issue of trespassing on private railroad property, to better understand how it pertains to Maine law, and to ensure the safety of officers and deputies when investigating such incidents. Leading the discussion was Michail Grizkewitsch, trespass specialist for the Federal Railroad Administration and a Maine Operation Lifesaver volunteer. Trespassing includes walking, hunting, riding a snowmobile, ATV, or motorbike, or cross-country skiing on or along railroad right of way, or fishing or jumping from railroad bridges. It also includes vandalizing or otherwise tampering with rail equipment. The trip began at Wiscasset and continued for 45 minutes into Brunswick. There, sheriffs and deputies, police chiefs and officers left the train for further discussion and to watch a safety video inside. Those attending boarded the train again and talked more about trespassing and its consequences, completing their trip back in Wiscasset. Among those on board were representatives from the Knox, Lincoln, and Sagadahoc County Sheriff's Departments, the Maine State Police, and the Rockland, Bath, Falmouth, Cumberland, Freeport, and Yarmouth Police Departments. We sponser the best excavators in the business including excavator rentals in Maine, Excavators for Sale in Maine and provide Excavating Contractors in Maine.

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